About Argyle Preschool

We are family....

Children learning and playing together, nurtured within a family group philosophy.

Argyle is a small, well established private early childhood service in the Hamilton East community. With our long-standing management partnership of 20 years we are resolutely committed to our shared philosophy and leading a centre that strives for best practise at all times. We are an all day centre that caters for children aged 6mths to 5yrs in a family group philosophy.

Image of Argyle playground.

We are open 7:30am to 5:30pm and offer 20 Free Hours.

Our two character houses sit in a quiet suburban street surrounded by magical playgrounds planned around mature trees and gardens. Our indoor setting is homely, well resourced and intimate. We believe strongly in maintaining a physical environment that creates a positive climate within which the children are free to explore, experiment and extend all areas of their development, experience fun and laughter, while feeling secure and valued at all times.

Image of Argyle character villa.

The learning environments are well resourced and invite children's exploration. Literacy and early mathematics are well integrated throughout the programme. Artistic and creative play is a feature of the centre. The outside play area offers many opportunities for physical challenge and interaction with the natural world.


Children of different ages are encouraged to interact, and older children were often seen supporting their younger siblings or friends. Children are encouraged to move freely within the centre's two buildings and the interconnecting open spaces that are spacious and attractive with mature trees and extensive plantings.


Teachers are learners and learners are teachers!